Double Hand Torsion Springs

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Special types of torsion springs include double torsion springs, heavy duty torsion springs and springs having a space between the coils to minimize friction. Double torsion springs consist of one right-hand and one left-hand coil section connected together, and working in parallel. The sections are designed separately with the total torque exerted being the sum of the two.

Finish All types
Wire Length Up to 36 in
Flat Wire Width Range from 0.125” x 3.50”
Wire Thickness Up to .750 in
Additional Services
Special Packaging
Egg Shell Packaging
Rubber Banding
Direct Customer Mailing
Production Volume Short Run & Large Quantity Production
Typical Lead Time
2 to 4 weeks
Short Lead Times
Fast Turnaround
On Time
Tooling = 6-10 weeks